The World of Happiness

What is happiness? I want to give my stance on this because largely, there are so many problems with this world the thought of happiness is just lost through the ideal of success and what society has defined success as for us. So what happened to just wanting to be able to do something and do it?Big aspirations, crushed.Progress, prevented.Peace, ruined.Happiness, destroyed.Truth, riddled with lies.   What prevents all of these is just the hubris of society, where you either follow the rules, and live the most boring standard, commercialized life that your country gives out to you, or die trying to stand out. Regardless of what you desire to be, whatever that is, is part of the big cog of society, even if it is something new. Its hard for me to believe that peace actually exists in th…

Posted on 7 November 2016 | 5:25 pm ... comments