I've been caught up in making another game, but this time it is with my full force and interest-- An mmorpg down to the simplest and bare necessities of online interaction-- while remaining fun with pvp, and balancing the grind and not something that demands your time or makes you solo everything.

It has been a long time over the course of my life to get to this point, but it feels like everything just cycles over and over... As for the comic, I just can't balance out everything at this point, where I only pretty much will release updates whenever I feel like it, whenever I can. The game will be my primary focus for now, and this time, a foreseeable release for you guys and everyone to enjoy is within a viewable time frame-- within the next few months.

Either way, I'll try and make this one brief, but I'm happy to work extremely hard on making this game good ( I've put over 100+ hrs working on graphics, with another working on all the programming), so look forward to it. I'll be posting about it more in depth later.