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Change of pace--new game

I've been caught up in making another game, but this time it is with my full force and interest-- An mmorpg down to the simplest and bare necessities of online interaction-- while remaining fun with pvp, and balancing the grind and not something that demands your time or makes you solo everything.

It has been a long time over the course of my life to get to this point, but it feels like everything just cycles over and over... As for the comic, I just can't balance out everything at this point, where I only pretty much will release updates whenever I feel like it, whenever I can. The game will be my primary focus for now, and this time, a foreseeable release for you guys and everyone to enjoy is within a viewable time frame-- within the next few months.

Either way, I'll try and make this one brief, but I'm happy to work extremely hard on making this game good ( I've put over 100+ hrs working on graphics, with another working on all the programming), so look forward to it. I'll be posting about it more in depth later.

I feel so bad

I die, and come back, die and come back... the cycle repeats. Mostly because I always cycle between interests like every 2 seasons, and always face a period of inactivity... So I've been the least productive at any point in my life for these past few months, just moping and lazing about since I just feel like all my creativity and passion died alongside my will to do things in general. That mostly comes at the reason of the futility of living and doing general work. I just believe things in a certain way that work for the sake of working-- not even for allowing people to survive or receive money, is just a mindset people have ingrained; if that is a natural thing or whatnot its just something that doesn't make sense; especially since we're on the verge of having technology displace the job balance between the work needed to sustain the population. Just tradition can lead to power and such and so on. Either way, I just feel like the world changes so rapidly that keeping up until the old is out and the new is in is pretty much useless. Probably has to do with the overall transience of things.

Anyways my problem is that I obviously, tend to lose motivation or interest in my own stories, because I end up making them overcomplex-- even though interesting to me at least, fail to see past the light of day since not only do they feel unoriginal-- but lack so much freedom that not working on them is punishing. Since the past few months have gone by, 4 months ago, I was actually making another comic, but that died for a lack of direction + ran out of ideas-- it felt more like a vent and rant but for some reason, when I make comics, I just find revitalization. But I was indeed completely dead these past 4 months for a whole slew of reasons. I just forgot and lost my purpose and desire to do things. That and I extremely hate the concept of money really demotivates me to do things (having money to survive is nice, but thinking about it angers me, so I feel like I'm slowly dying). Yeah, it is a weird thing, but I just detach it from a lot of things-- things have value in utility, but i just feel like money is a better concept where it is used as an expense for expensive things rather than day to day interactions. Eh whatever. This is extremely ranty anyways.

Anyways, I have at least 3 comics that have never seen the light of day. And recently, started working on something again. I don't want to promise anything since I have practically broken every promise of such things in recent times. But I think I might have something this time... Hopefully with elements from here and there and a day to day format ( each page can be read on its own sorta ), it will be more flexible and open up to whatever I want to do.

I've wanted to write something about my thoughts, something shallow and entertaining, something exciting, something cool, something cute, something that hasn't been made before, something that I can just go along with and say: this is something. I just hope that my creative death isn't actually what I think it is and I can go forward with this, and make people and myself happy with my comic.

Thanks to whoever reads this messy post, and stay strong.



Summer + Teaser

Summer is already running out.

This summer so far, I have learned a lot of things that I didn't want to know. Boy reality sure does catch up with you on your senior year of college. Getting things done is the most difficult thing ever, and time speeds up like hell.


Anyways, since I've been really slacking on getting on my goals, I thought writing a journal would be the #1 way to get back on track. I've kept promising a comic to present to you guys over the summer, but never got around to doing it. So instead, I'm gonna give myself a deadline of certainty. Over the next week, I will begin to release something, no matter what it is, even if it is incomplete or not. Quality will be kept high though, and keeping in mind everything I've said before is of importance! Either way, I feel like gotten to a point where when, and if I look back on these first few panels, hopefully, I won't say they're atrocious (ha ha). Either way, if you follow me on twitter, you have already seen my concept of what I plan to create. I shouldn't be afraid of failure, changing my creation, ideas, developing, or originality, because these things are really chaining me down.


Starter Characters!


Too much planning is fun and always good to get the idea ball rolling, but if the idea never starts, it never gets off, and my responsibility and desire to start it disappears. I have started about 3 different ideas between this blog and the last blog, but none of them made it to the creation stage. They did have lots of development, and one even reached 16 pages of script, and 6000 words for planning and ideation. I apologize again for not actually releasing anything. But this will be different. I will start this one for sure.


the theme and style!


See you guys in a week!




Just a small update, or decent update to the site.

I have added the Gallery to the website! I will be consistently updated with new works and the like, as long as they are good enough by my standards. It is just starting out so it still needs work, but it will become more active and a lot better over time.

Otherwise, you can just follow me on other stuff to get everything!

I'm most active on twitter

and you can follow my tumblr

I really don't like using facebook that much for news updates, unless they are major, or else it just feels like I'm spamming you guys. As I am still kinda busy and getting busier, it may be difficult to work on large projects, especially since I feel like I still have a really long way to go to improve in art. This is something that will be the ultimate endgoal.

Anyways, In the gallery, you may notice a lot of "Skyshot" related things, which is a game I am working on, in a team. It will take over my life for the coming year so I may talk about it a lot, depending on how interesting it is for you guys. Either way, I hope to try and keep up a bit more, but if that fails, follow me on those other things.


Thanks for reading!




So, as of late, I have discovered this website, called Medibang. It's essentially a free drawing program on mobile and computer devices, and its very in depth with unique tools catered to making manga. I have been experimenting with it as of late, drawing on it, and I discovered the Medibang platform for creators.

The medibang platform is a very exciting prospect, and I'm very excited and happy that their company does what it does. Connecting a widespread audience for comics, writing, and illustrations, (between English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages) It's almost like a dream for me. I feel like the opportunity and upkeep that the site gives can open up to much more by working hard and getting involved with this website, to promote across a level that can allow more people to access your work. But translation and the language barrier was the biggest issue to do this independently.

That's what Medibang does. If you are successful and are able to make something interesting enough, you can get your works translated to each of those languages with a partnership. With such a thing, your work has just been opened to a whole new international audience, and that just is so very exciting! Not to mention, the tools that Medibang provides gives more flexibility and are simpler than any other drawing program. It has many different shape rulers, which makes impact effects easy, drawing backgrounds in perspective much less of a hassle , unique brushes for more easier ways to do certain things and effects (symmetry brush, edge brush, speedline brush), materials and textures provided from the get-go, and so on. While it has a few issues with how in depth the tools and options for brushes are, the unique tools and options already provided from the beginning are good enough to use from the start.

Anyways, here are the two drawings I've completed on it so far. I've yet to get used to this program, But I see a lot of potential with this idea and company, and will focus on it immediately. (sorry about that story promise, but I think this substitute will be good)

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As of now, I'm working on a new comic in a one-shot (lead off) format, and will link it here when it is ready. If you want to check out my profile there, here is the link.

If you want to download the program, check it out here.


Thanks for reading!


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