So, as of late, I have discovered this website, called Medibang. It's essentially a free drawing program on mobile and computer devices, and its very in depth with unique tools catered to making manga. I have been experimenting with it as of late, drawing on it, and I discovered the Medibang platform for creators.

The medibang platform is a very exciting prospect, and I'm very excited and happy that their company does what it does. Connecting a widespread audience for comics, writing, and illustrations, (between English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages) It's almost like a dream for me. I feel like the opportunity and upkeep that the site gives can open up to much more by working hard and getting involved with this website, to promote across a level that can allow more people to access your work. But translation and the language barrier was the biggest issue to do this independently.

That's what Medibang does. If you are successful and are able to make something interesting enough, you can get your works translated to each of those languages with a partnership. With such a thing, your work has just been opened to a whole new international audience, and that just is so very exciting! Not to mention, the tools that Medibang provides gives more flexibility and are simpler than any other drawing program. It has many different shape rulers, which makes impact effects easy, drawing backgrounds in perspective much less of a hassle , unique brushes for more easier ways to do certain things and effects (symmetry brush, edge brush, speedline brush), materials and textures provided from the get-go, and so on. While it has a few issues with how in depth the tools and options for brushes are, the unique tools and options already provided from the beginning are good enough to use from the start.

Anyways, here are the two drawings I've completed on it so far. I've yet to get used to this program, But I see a lot of potential with this idea and company, and will focus on it immediately. (sorry about that story promise, but I think this substitute will be good)

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As of now, I'm working on a new comic in a one-shot (lead off) format, and will link it here when it is ready. If you want to check out my profile there, here is the link.

If you want to download the program, check it out here.


Thanks for reading!