This is just a big, long twitter ramble. But still its one that I hope is encouraging to everyone and gets my thoughts across about 3-4ish years later.

The source is here, but I will copy everything and paste it below

It is probably to read it directly off twitter, since they're all in nice 280 word chunk limits and spaced nicely. But I'll keep the transcript here anyways.


i just looked back on 2014 and the oh man era and how creatively motivated i was... man... what did uni do to me..?

honestly, i am surprised at how enjoyable re reading oh man was even now, 4 years later and its like rough and looks horrible, but somehow it is still readable and enjoyable ( and how much i actually made, jesus)

but i see that it started to get a bit out of hand, which i did have plans for... but when it was a loose monster with less planning and worldbuilding, it was a lot more fun to read and write... hmmm

i guess also going through depression long after that point did a number on me as well... oh man has so many chapters but the quality makes me sad so its like even if i decided to continue, how many new readers would drop it at the beginning?

while i might enjoy it since i wrote it, i feel like i have been separated long enough from it to give it a good solid look from what others were reading, so hrm... even so, a lot of experimentation was being done towards the end because i wasn't satisfied with my art.

but either way the ideas i had 4 years ago still resonate with me and i can see why people want to read more, even though it started to get really messy plot wise and a bit hard to keep track of everything... i guess it was hard after that considering uni focuses were growing

right now im primarily focused on practicing drawing and seeing what i can do with that, but i realize a lot of problems oh man had and how i can apply it onwards... but i am still surprised at how i got caught in by it... i thought i'd be cringing at it and stop reading 5 chs in.

anyways if you read this all and are a new follower, just a small reflection and ramble. if you were here since the oh man days, thank you for continuing to follow me, even though its been so long (If you guys are even still active here ).

also just reread through my blog post. all those points still hold true, once the comic becomes an obligation rather than a passion, it crumbles. doing it for monetary gain may have caused that? im unsure, probably not. Honestly its so hard to start and follow through.

I thought id feel bad reflecting on my past, ( though there are some cringy posts on there that i refuse to read), but confronting it was kinda inspiring, and showed me the point of all this. you make good thing if you enjoy it and when its fun, nothing will stop you.

realizing this is one step, and achieving it is a leap. but that leap is hard and difficult to make. but if you do it, you'll be glad you did. I'm glad i released those unfinished comics, oh man, and even cringy posts. even all that bad art makes me happy. its good to be creating.

and honestly, everyone was so supportive back then, i can't believe it. honestly, thank you so much. i've said honestly so much and now it sounds weird. oh well. If you really read all of this, thank you as well.

---- I slept after this part for about 4 hrs ----

more thoughts: that time i was doing the comic is when i was able to grow the most as an artist, just constantly drawing and striving to get better every day. I really do wonder what I lost over time, as it doesn't feel that different, but I know that something is missing in me

I haven't made anything significant in years, really (solo projects), I've worked on a number of things that have taken quite a bit of time (group projects) but maybe that burned out all my ability to create large scale projects since those have all been just learning experiences

but the drive to create is there, but overthinking it is bad. No more overthinking. that nike logo is right, just do it, just do it. I think overthinking oh man may have jeopardized it, and my worry for keeping up quality really interfered with content creation

It's like, I want to make things fast enough to enjoy it as a reader alongside other readers, and don't want to disappoint myself either, so "how can I make this the most interesting to myself as possible, while making things still enjoyable?" large plotholes are bad.

I try my best to avoid all that, and every time i introduce a new thing I have to make sure it flows well, so I have to keep track. But once I do that, is that overthinking it? It certainly helps, but maybe it distracted me so much that it prevented me from continuing the story.

Also, taking in too much media is entertaining, and can help bring new ideas to the table, but that can easily also be considering overthinking it. Oh man was a simple story with acronyms literally thought up on the spot, and it worked great. Don't always take things so seriously

Anyways, wrapping up this extra segment, I'm glad I feel this way. It may be arrogant to say, but I am proud of everything I've made so far. All I can really say is that everything that has bogged me down in the past few years is gone, so, lets keep creating.


I'd say that I should probably make things before writing, since that's probably my greatest folly and leads to a quick death.

Anyways, take this as what you will.