Ahh.. Hello everyone, and I apologize for not having kept up with OH MAN or anything of the like, on this site.

Now, lets talk. A few things with my life are a bit busy, classes are even busier this semester, and I really feel the need to be doing more things, and become more active in general. However, with this wave of business, those types of things are harder to keep up with. Things I started, projects, comics, drawings, animations... I have a terrible tendency of starting these things and not seeing them through for a few reasons, which is the drop off in interest. Not to mention, the inability to keep that interest invested in the thing I have started on. I have fallen into that period of relaxing that is so hard to climb out of, filled with distractions, and obstacles that I don't really want to face. Either way, that would be the primary reason for me not reviving the comic. OH MAN has become a block that prevents me from creating new things while requiring me to fix up loose ends.


OH MAN was created completely on a whim, where the first chapter was created, and everything followed after. A project based on 3 things:

1. A test to keep up a daily comic, improve my work ethic 

2. To improve my ability with digital drawing

3. To see how many people would be interested in my works

Of these three things, I'd like to say that I had satisfied all of them, until a certain point. I had kept up OH MAN consistently for an entire year, releasing roughly 54-55 comics over that span. As you can see, I had also improved in drawings leaps and bounds,

from this:


to this:


So with this gain and control, I felt like OH MAN was lacking, and my interests in the story had veered off to other things. this is where I started updating less and less, until it practically just stopped. However, I wanted to revive it, because I felt bad for leaving people behind, and leaving the story where it is. But I also lacked the desire to continue writing and pursuing the story. I had planned it all out, put so much effort and detail into refining the story and mechanics, but now this battle action type story has gotten to a point where I don't want to really pursue it anymore.


This then comes to point 3, which is to see how people would react to my creation. I had low hopes, as my artistic ability was quite lacking back then, but I was confident in writing a story that was interesting. But now that I look back on it, its moderately interesting and has its few unique points, but overall kind of disappointing to look back on to what I can do now. If I really wanted to restart it, I would want to recreate it from scratch ( which is why I redrew the first chapter). But I know now that many people have read my works, though I'm not exactly sure how many at this point in time, which makes me hesitant to either put a end to it, or revive it knowing that the goal of completion is far away and letting people down again with breaks. With the abilities and interests I have now, I have more confidence in a new work than to continue something from a long time ago. I also think that if I do revive it, the story won't be handled in the same way as I intended, which was full of optimism and ideas all to promote it's growth, versus now, an uninterested way to move it along. I'd definitely still try and make it as interesting as possible, but it wouldn't turn out the way that I had wanted it to become.


Anyways, this boils down to a few things. I do not want to continue OH MAN any more, but I do feel bad for not continuing it and not managing it anymore. I would rather have a better scope of a project, and work on that and present it to you guys, rather than try and entertain you guys with the legacy of my past creation(as cheesy and arrogant as that sounds). I have the plans for OH MAN still in my head, which would probably span over 200 chapters more from where it currently is, for me to be satisfied with it's completion but it is far too big of a scope for me to handle.


Either way, I'd like to hear your guys's thoughts on the matter. I'd like to either leave my plans for the comic somewhere somehow, if you guys really want to know where I wanted to go with it... or stop it completely and move on to another project that will be better and greater than OH MAN ever was... maybe... hopefully...



Here's a preview of what I want to make, and it will be a different format than a comic.